E x h i b i t i o n s
Individual exhibitions
2016  Archaeological Museum, Patras | Greece (catalog).
2015  Contemporary art gallery “alma” Athens | Greece (catalog).
2012  Art gallery “K-art”, in Athens (catalog).
2012  Cultural Center “Peri Texnon”, in Patras (catalog).
2005  Art gallery “Ekfrasi”, in Athens (catalog).
2003  Art gallery “Polyedro”, in Patras.
2001  Art gallery “Bosch Gallery”, in Athens (catalog).
2000  Art gallery “Anny Balta”, in Thessalonica (catalog).
1999  Art gallery “Anemos”, in Athens (catalog).
1998  Presentation of diploma-exhibition at the F.F.A., in Athens.

Group exhibitions
2015  Swab Barcelona, International Contemporary Art Fair, Spain.
2014  Action field Kodra, „I Need A Hero“, Thessaloniki/Greece.
2013  St. Beijing, China.
2013  INVITO „Giorgio de Chirico“ Art Space, Volos/Greece.
2013  Cultural Center „Melina“, in Athen/Greece.
2013  St. Urban/Luzern, Switzerland.
2013  Leipzig, Germany.
2013  Bayreuth, Germany.
2012  International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, RE-culture 1, Patra.
2012  Oslip, Austria.
2012  Archaeological Museum, Patra.
2011  Cultural Center „Melina“, in Athen.
2011  Art galerie Galerie „Genesis“, in Athen.
2011  Art gallery “Cube”, in Patras.
2010  Art gallery “Cube”, in Patras.
2009  Art gallery «Orpheus», in Cyprus.
2005  Art gallery “Ekfrasi”, in Athens.
2004  Frisira Museum Participation to group exhibition at the with titled “New European Artists”,in Athens.
2004  Art gallery “Ekfrasi”, in Athens.
2003  Art gallery “Poliedro” , in Patras.
2002  Participation to group exhibition titled “Realism” at the “Kreissparkasse Esslingen” art center(Germany)
2001  Art gallery “Bosch Gallery”, in Athens.
2001  Art gallery “Nees Morphes”, “6 Young Artists”, in Athens.
2000  Participation to group exhibition of the M.A. at the F.F.A. “Nikos Kesanlis” exhibition enter.
1999  Art gallery “Anemos”, in Athens.
1993-1997 Participation to all group exhibitions of Faculty of Fine Arts (F F A)

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