Date of Birth 22.2.1973
Place of Birth Patras | Greece

S t u d i e s
2006 – 2003  Studies in Berlin. Major in Painting.
2003 – 2001  Postgraduate studies at National Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, in the area of Painting.
1998 – 1993  Studies at University of Fine Arts, in Athens. Major in Painting. Graduated 29/30.

D e v e l o p m e n t   o f   S t u d i e s
2003 – 2001 Postgraduate studies at National Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, in the area of Painting, at Atelier Pr. Marianne Eigenheer.
1998 – 1996 Studies at Atelier of D. Mitara in the area of Painting.
1997 – 1995 Studies at Atelier of S. Gianoudi in the area of Icons and Fresco. Major in Icons and Fresco.
1995 – 1994 Studies at Atelier of J. Valavanidis in the area of Mosaic. Major in Mosaic.
1995 – 1993 Studies at Atelier of R. Papaspirou in the area of Painting.

D i s t i n c t i o n s – S c h o l a r s h i p s
2007 – 2004 Scholarship of ”Bikatou“ endowment from the Athens.
2003 – 2002 Scholarship of DAAD.
2002 – 2001 Scholarship of the Robert Bosch Foundation.
2000              First Award of “Robert Bosch Stiftung”.
1997 – 1995 Scholarship of the Greek National Foundation for Scholarships (I.K.Y.). Recommended by Professor D. Mitaras.
1995 – 1993 Scholarship of the Greek National Foundation for Scholarships (I.K.Y.) Recommended by Professor R.Papaspirou.

P r o j e c t s
2014   Organization and Art Director at the 3rd International Festival of Contemporary Art Patras | RE-culture and the 1st street art festival Patras | Artwalk.
2014   Curator at collection of Sotiris Felios during the RE-culture 3 festival, Patras | Greece.
2013   Organization and Art Director at the RE-culture 2.
2013   Curator «contemporary Greek painting» during the RE-culture 2.
2013   Design, organization and implementation of artistic intervention in cooperation with the network of reintegration and treatment services of OKANA                     (Organization Against Drugs) Patras | Greece.
2013   Art therapy programs to socially sensitive groups within the framework of  RE -culture 2.
2013   Design, organization and realization of a complete artistic project concerning recycling, entitled “Nothing is to be wasted” Patras | Greece.
2012   Organization and Art Director at the RE-culture 1.
2012   Curator «contemporary Greek painting» during the RE-culture 1.
2012   Participation in the intersectoral cultural project  on Wagner, Oslip Austria.
2012   Organization of the art exhibition dedicated to Alexander Papadiamantis in the  New Archaeological Museum of Patras.
2011   Creation of the nonprofit organization Art in Progress.
2004   Permanent assistant in the Olympic Games “ATHENS 2004″ creative department. Mainly, I worked in the artistic preparation and production of                          ”Clepsydra”, which in the Opening ceremony, represented the unfolding of the Greek History.
2003 – today  Art Classes for children and adults.
2003   Curation of art exhibition in the hospital of Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart, Germany.
1999   Planning out and organizing a complete cultural scheme in the frames of “PATRA Cultural Capital of Europe 2006″. The subject of the proposal                          concerned the implementation and administration of a Pan-Hellenic festival with new artists of all forms and kinds of art.
1996   Planning, organizing and establishing the first artistic festival in the University of Fine Arts. Since then, the festival is held on an annual basis and is                  approved by the Minister of Civilization.
1995   Attendance and guidance in a painting project, that happened in Aalfen, Holland. It was a two week multi cultural project, in which there were 40 artists              from all over the world with totally different artistic influences. It was under the auspices of the European Union and the theme was ”Recycling”.

S p e e c h e s | P u b l i c   c o n s u l t a t i o n
2015   TEDx Patras.
2014   Introduction – art and the public space, Citylab, Patras | Greece.
2014   Jewel – joint easily wafted east laboratory model, of the European programme “south east Europe”, Patras | Greece.
2013   “Extroversion now” multi-conference “Development Forum money show”, Patras | Greece.
2012    Public consultation about the strategic design of a cultural policy Management Authorities of the Prefecture of Western Greece Patras | Greece.
2012    “Innovation and Art” multiconference «Development Forum money show», Patras | Greece.

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